Round of FORESTIA webinars #1

flyer LIA FORESTIA Round #1
flyer LIA FORESTIA Round #1

le 4 juin 2021

#1 June 4
#2 July 16

This seminar round is organized within the framework of the activities of the LIA FORESTIA (International Associated Laboratory FORESTIA) and the MiDi network with the support of the Studium.

Round of FORESTIA web seminars


Deciphering tree response to a changing climate

Where are we? where do we go? a case study: southern beeches of Patagonia


María Verónica Arana (IFAB INTA-CONICET)


JUNE 4 at 15h (CET/Paris time)


The International Associated Laboratory FORESTIA starts in 2021 a new round of short seminars aimed at stimulating the scientific comunication among its members, as well as between them and other international laboratories. These seminars are a new opportunity for the FORESTIA scientists to present and discuss their objectives, research work and results on adaptation of forest ecosystems to global changes.


As a result of climate change, several forest biomes are facing increasing temperatures, extreme cold waves in winter and/or more frequent and severe droughts. In this context, a fundamental question is how trees will cope with these changes, given their long generational time that yield low population turnover. In this talk I will show recent research that includes collaboration in the frame of the LIA FORESTIA laboratory, aimed at contributing to this question. We will see the way in which we use a natural elevation gradient in combination with indoor experiments, to elucidate the response of trees to the environment. Additionally, I will show current projects aimed at exploring phenotypic, genetic (molecular) and environmental variation of relevant plant traits. Our experimental system is located in the southernmost woody ecosystem of the world: the sub-Antarctic temperate Nothofagus forests of Patagonia, and involves multidisciplinary approaches that bring together the expertise of specialists in wood science, ecology, physiology, molecular biology and bioinformatics.

Moderator: Philippe Rozenberg (BIOFORA, INRAE, France)


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MiDi is a interdisciplinary Research Thematic Network, focused on biodiversity and habitats and funded by the Centre-Val de Loire Region. The network aims to promote studies in multiple fields of BioGeoSciences and Human and Social Sciences in relation to global changes.
This conference is organised in partnership with the Le Studium (Institute for Advanced Studies). 


These round of FORESTIA web seminars will take place Fridays every four weeks, starting on the 4th of June 2021.

>> Next seminar on July 16 by Annabel Porté (BIOGECO, INRAE Bordeaux, France)